Fidelio Capital is a Swedish investment company that primarily invests in non-public companies in Northern Europe. Our aim is to be an active owner that works closely with management to drive growth and create healthy and strong businesses. A combination of quick decision making and a flexible investment mandate enable us to be a long-term, flexible and pragmatic investor. In close collaboration with the management teams we help our portfolio companies by providing expertise, commitment and capital. Fidelio comes from the Latin word Fidelis which means faithful, loyal and reliable.


Fidelio Capital was founded in 2010 by Gabriel Fitzgerald with Katarina Martinson as main external investor. The ambition was to create an investment company that combines the professional and active ownership that is normally found within Private Equity, with a more responsible and long term approach to investments and value creation.

Our ownership period is not limited in time and our investment mandate has no short-term return requirements. The result is a professional and dedicated investment company that prioritises long-term value creation over short-term profit maximisation.

Investment criteria

Fidelio Capital is a growth-oriented investor that acquires small and medium sized companies primarily in Northern Europe. We have no specific sector focus. However, we prefer industries with above-average growth rates as well as industries characterised by stable and predictable cash flows. Moreover, we value a highly competent and committed management team and we always seek to attract exceptional talent to the management teams and Board of Directors of our portfolio companies.

We typically seek majority ownership to be able to implement our strategy and control the exit. We are positive towards partnership investments with previous owners / management and/or other industrial companies.

Our model for value creation is based on a careful approach to investment selection and a detailed plan for value creation.

Fidelio Capital’s investments are made through Swedish entities regulated by Swedish law. Fidelio Capital is owned by external investors and the Investment team.