The leading tech-enabled service provider in property management - with a global reach


Odevo is a leading technology-enabled service Group within the residential property management sector. The company is a full-service provider of financial and technical management, legal services, as well as financial services to more than half a million owner-occupied homes in four countries. Odevo challenges today’s industry standards with higher efficiency and customer satisfaction through the proprietary technology platform developed by the in-house IT team.

It started with founding the software and service company Nabo in 2018. The Group expanded quickly with the acquisition of the leading Swedish property manager SBC in 2019, followed by the entry into the UK through the partnership with Rendall & Rittner in 2021. In 2022 the Group’s growth continued with Premier Estates and Trinity Properties Group (UK), the entry into the Finnish market through MTR and STIO, and a market entry into the US.

Odevo is focused on making further acquisitions in both existing and new markets, as well as adding new services to its offering and capitalising on its proprietary technology platform.

CEO: Daniel Larsson
Head office: Stockholm, Sweden
Employees: 3700+
Acquisition year: 2018
Industry: Software / Services


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