Shaping future market leaders

Dedicated long-term partner for transformation and growth

Our approach to long-term value creation

We invest in businesses where we can add value as a supportive partner to entrepreneurs, management teams and fellow co-owners. As an active lead investor, we stay closely involved in areas such as strategy formulation, recruiting, financing and add-on acquisitions. Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all formula, we tailor our efforts to fit the unique needs of each business, situation and opportunity. Our flexible mandate also allows us to engage without any pre-determined investment horizon, as well as to invest in any geography or sector. By being a thoughtful, actively supportive and fun partner to our management teams, our ambition is always to help our businesses reach their full potential.

What we look for

We are a growth-oriented investor with a primary focus on small and medium sized businesses across the world. While most of the opportunities we get involved in typically fit within the following criteria, every business is unique and we evaluate all situations where we believe we can create enough value for Fidelio and our partners. Please reach out to us so that we can discuss your specific situation and needs.

  • Industries underpinned by strong secular tailwinds
  • Profitable, growing companies with an opportunity to grow organically and/or through acquisitions
  • Exceptional management teams
Investment size
  • We target businesses with sales of EUR 10-200m
  • Typical investment ranging from EUR 10-200m per company over time
Use of our capital
  • Our capital is commonly used to provide liquidity to shareholders, expansion capital for growth and/or financing for add-on acquisitions
  • Typically majority ownership, but with flexibility to engage as a minority investor
  • We welcome partnership investments with previous owners and management

Active in over 100 countries

We invest in businesses where we can add tangible value as a supportive partner to entrepreneurs, management teams and fellow co-owners with significant growth ambitions. Together, we can go wherever the best opportunities are.