Odevo becomes SaaS supplier to leading Swedish property manager JM

June 29, 2022

Odevo, an international challenger in the property and housing management industry founded by Fidelio, has entered into an agreement with the housing developer JM. The agreement gives four Swedish management companies, managing a third of Sweden’s homeowner associations, access to Odevo’s platform. All in all, an additional 500,000 Swedish properties will now be connected to Odevo’s platform.

Private housing is the world’s largest asset class and usually the most significant investment an individual makes during their lifetime. Nevertheless, it is an industry that is far behind in terms of both digital development and customer focus. JM will use Odevo’s SAAS platform to digitize and simplify management for both residents and employees.

Read more: https://odevo.com/in-the-news/odevo-becomes-saas-supplier-to-jm%EF%BF%BC/

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